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Science of Tears Module



[Image: Students explore refraction of light using water]


Delivery Tuesday 18th  to Thursday 20th  May 2010

Introduction to project by Susan Norwood
  • Play the eye of the tiger music
  • Take pictures of pupils eyes to get them hooked into the lesson so it’s personal
  • Print off the pictures for each pupil so they can put their names on, put them up on the board on a slide show, guess who each person is
  • Show pupils a camera, brain, eye model and ask them how they are linked
  • Show pupils the eye model in a bit of detail and hand out the inside the human eye sheet to help
  • Open up daydream science and go through the basic eye diagram, pupils label on their sheet
  • Give pupils a mirror and ask them to gently pull their lower eye lid down so they can see their tear duct
  • Give pupils the ping pong balls to show them size of the eye ball
  • Give pupils the next sheet on labelling the eye in more detail with all the labels on
  • Get pupils in two small groups and give an A3 sheet of paper, they put their ideas down about Why we have tears? When do we produce tears?
  • Put the John Lennon song, salt water wells in my eyes song
  • Get pupils to make the salt solution up (mention antiseptics chemicals)
  • Introduce the three different types of tears: basal, reflex and emotional
  • Read through the information on the kids health website about tears
  • Basal: Get pupils to sit in pairs in front of each other and test how many times they blink in one minute. Each pupil does it to each other, writes both of their results on a post it, then find two more people (4 altogether), then average the four
  • Reflex: Show pupils the Footprints nervous system slide on receptor cells, pupils come up to board to complete the interactive bit. Hand out the sheet on reflex action and producing tears. Go through the sheet, pupils cut out and put them in the correct order, glue down.
  • Go through ideas about what causes irritation in the eye
  • Give pupils the petri dishes with bits of onion in, get them to put them near their eyes. Show pupils the bottle of sulphuric acid
  • Emotional: Show pupils the cauliflower brain and show them the cerebrum where sadness is registered. Show pupils a video clip on something sad and then something happy.
  • Discuss things that make the pupils cry, happy, sad, angry
    Give pupils the emotion cards, go through them. Get them to talk about the types of emotions that make them cry
  • Get pupils to match up the parts of the eye and the jobs worksheet 1 and the matching keywords and functions
  • Show pupils the Bill Nye eyeball video
  • Give pupils the eye quiz sheets and complete from daydream science

Throughout the day and half, pupils will be producing art work about the science they are learning, using charcoal on paper.




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