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[Image: Video still, created by students]



This website is designed not to be prescriptive but, to illustrate a pioneering model of working with science, art, video and dance with learning disabled young people, aged 14 -25yrs. This includes working with young people with autism.


This age group has been targeted for two main reasons:

The first is that this age group may be ‘weary’ of learning and may associate learning with a sense of failure.

The second is that this age group often needs the opportunity to develop new experiences and access professional opportunities that will help them to gain confidence, pride and transferable professional skills.


This model has been designed to place the learner at the heart of their own learning, with an emphasis on the learner developing greater autonomy and choosing their own pathways through their work.

The combination of science, art, video and dance naturally lend themselves to supporting different learners learning styles, whilst also naturally transcending difficulties with literacy. However, we saw that through the creative exploration of the science, learners were keen to then discuss their work and its subject matter.

Working with one subject ‘The Study of Tears’ over the course of the project allows for continuous repetition of words and concepts. Learners are therefore able to learn at their own pace. The creative aspects, research framework and discussions allow for those students who may be more able, to fully extend their learning, without incurring on those who may be learning at a slower pace.

This website will, we hope, extend and inspire your own work and collaborations. Our aim is for the site  provide you with a model to look at, including a suggested structure, examples and a comprehensive evaluation document of the project’s findings.

Most importantly this site is designed to work with you, to show young people with learning disabilities that they can overcome their fear of learning about science, by seeing the process and incredible talent and achievements of their peers.

Through interaction with peer learning, we hope this will encourage and inspire the learners to achieve their own goals.









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