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Working With Science


A Summary of Tears
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[Student drawings of words and images floating and dissolving in a basin of water]



Research is a way of finding about something and building on what we already know about something.


Why is research important?

Research is important because it produces, or creates new knowledge. This means it can bring us new information.


Research to a Scientist
[Image: Dr. John M. Tiffany]


For the former research scientist, Dr. John M. Tiffany, 'research' is to look at something and to ask questions about it.

Science does not stay still; it is always changing because scientists discover different facts from the experiments they make.

Dr. Tiffany writes:


"For me, the fascination of doing scientific research is in unearthing, discovering something that was completely unknown or never noticed before."




Below you can read what research means to a dance artist and filmmaker.

Research to a dancer 
Susan Norwood writes:


"As a choreographer, I create dance. I like to explore, research and look at art, films and books to give me ideas that inspire my dance.

Exploring and researching tears, gave me ideas on how to show the different functions of tears through dance. It also made me think how we can tell the story of our different emotions using our bodies."



Research to a filmmaker

Riccardo Iacono writes:


"For me creativity is a form of play and a useful way of learning and exploring the world, recording and responding to what I see, think and feel."

"My art is a kind of research process that involves questioning and testing, challenging and exploring ideas."

"The work I create is a record or presentation of my thoughts.”


For Discussion

Below are some words that help explain what research means. Choose one of these words that inspires or makes sense to you..READ

  • Fact-finding
  • Explore
  • Experiment
  • Inquire or question
  • Investigate

Choosing one of these ‘research’ words may help you look at how you want to approach your science and creative work. You can discuss this in a group.

Key Words List

Here are some new words for you to learn:




Research Process








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