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[Image: Susan Norwood and Francis Weir. Photographed by Judie Waldmann]


Working with a professional attitude

What does professionalism mean?

Below is a list of skills that can help us develop a professional attitude.

You can discuss these skills as a group. You may then want to think about which skills you wish to work on to develop a ‘professional attitude’.


  • Respecting each others difference
  • Working as a team
  • Working on your own
  • Listening when others are speaking
  • Sharing and communicating your ideas
  • Making sure you help each other to feel safe to try new things
  • Trying new things, working with new people
  • Taking pride in your work



Something to think about!

It can be difficult to always like or to get on with everybody.

We must therefore try to build trust and work with each other, even if we do not always get along. This is the basis for teamwork.

Working as a team will help you feel safe to take risks and to try new things.



Key Words List

Here are some new words for you to learn:






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