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The Study of Tears is a science and art research and education project exploring why we cry.

Project Volume worked with young people from Selly Oak Trust Special School and other young people from Birmingham to explore tears creatively through the use of drawing, dance, film and discussion.

[Francis Weir. photo by Judie Waldmann]


The young people who took part in the project were aged between 14 years and 25 years old.

They were introduced to a ‘professional’ way of working, as a dancer, or a filmmaker. This is because Dancers and filmmakers often explore ideas using different techniques. For example, as well as dancing and filming, they also do things like:




Write notes









Read books

Talk about ideas they are working on

Ask questions about things that interest them



Ask questions about things they perhaps don't understand





All this is a kind of 'research'.






Filmmakers and dancers use research to help them learn and get a better understanding of things.

They then use what they learned to inform and inspire their dance and film work.

In this project, the participants explored the science behind why we have tears, and used this to inspire their dance and filmmaking.


Through this website, you will also be able to learn about the science of why we cry through the creative work and ideas of the other young people who took part in the project.

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